Surfing Spots in Rote Island

“A surfer’s paradise!” one says when asked about Rote Island, a home to a range of world class surfing spots. From the massive swells to the laidback crowd you meet at this, surfing at Rote Island will be an experience you’ll never forget.

During dry and shoulder seasons, surfers get a consistent swell at most spots on the island. And as they range from beginner to advance, here are some of our favorites!

Besialu (T-Land)

Named after Java’s G-Land, this is one of the longest and most consistent waves in Indonesia and is the island’s main wave. This break has three sections, ‘The Peak’, ‘The Pyramid’ and ’The Mountain’. They are all friendly to use no matter how big it can get- even for the beginners. This wave can be good to surf on during early and late seasons where the winds are light and variable.

The Bommie

Located on the north side of the large Nemberala channel, The Bommie breaks to the left and right. The left is rarely surfed as it is not organized while the right ends in a deep water channel. This section usually takes on the advanced surfers as the Bommie is a “the lower the tide, the better the wave place.”


Famous for the best spot for beginners to catch a wave, it is located at the eastern end of Nemberala. This break was named so due to the sound of girls squealing in delight after catching their first waves. For intermediate surfers, it can be a fun wave to surf on too when the reef is huge.


Boa is just a 15 minute boat ride or 10 minute drive away from Nemberala. Its waves starts with a steep hollow which then opens up to a long very fast wall which is the perfect challenge for the advanced surfers! Best time to ride this is during the shoulder seasons- mid to high tide’s the time to surf!


Suckies a.k.a. Sucky Mamas is located at the north side of Nemberala and can be accessed by a boat. It’s a short and extremely hollow right but on a higher tide, it can be a fatter and steeper wave to ride on.

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