Reducing Our Environmental Impact

At Seed Resort the appreciation for a natural way of life is unique and creates a tranquil atmosphere that is synonymous with the serene surroundings the resort finds itself in. The ambience of all of west Rote is peaceful and calm, with nature running its course among the white sandy beaches, blue water and epic surf breaks found all along Rote’s west coast. Seed Resort is conveniently placed in the heart of this coastline between multiple outstanding surf breaks allowing guests to surf terrific waves within minutes of leaving their accommodation.

Seed Resort prides itself on being environmentally conscious and overseeing sustainable practices wherever possible. At Seed you will notice modest practices such as reduced use of plastics as well as high-impact solutions including the use of solar power to supply significant parts of the resort with renewable energy and engagement in waste management. Organic waste is composted and re-used as fertilizer for the garden. The salt-water pool overlooking the breathtaking beach view is entirely run on solar, supplied with energy from the blistering sun hitting Seed Resort daily. The rooms are built using sustainable materials such as recycled wood and all electrical equipment has a high efficiency to reduce the environmental impact of the entire Resort.

The food found at Seed Resort embodies a healthy lifestyle and brings satisfaction to any and all types of food enthusiasts. As well as growing coconuts on site Seed Resort has its own herb garden, supplying the restaurant with healthy homegrown herbs, vegetables and fruit. The fertilization and treatment of any food-bearing plants on site is nontoxic to ensure a natural and healthy supply of organic food for Seed’s guests. Natural remedies such as Neem oil are used to treat palm trees and other plants instead of chemical solutions that will pollute the surrounding soil and groundwater. Seed Resort has a bio septic tank installed to deal with the resorts wastewater, efficiently recycling all wastewater as clear odourless water to irrigate the garden, essentially using the water twice, therefore saving costs and being more environmentally friendly. Furthermore Seed only uses natural soaps for all cleaning purposes including bathroom soaps provided to guests. Such practices go a long way in ensuring minimal environmental impact by Seed Resort on the natural beauty of Rote.


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