Our restaurant is the heart of SEED’s organic haven

Kick back, relax and enjoy the fresh sea breeze and expansive ocean views from the comfort of our pool side restaurant. Proudly promoting home grown produce and locally sourced ingredients, guests are invited on a culinary journey of healthy and organic recipes whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Homemade specialties include jams, yoghurts, freshly baked bread, granola, and the best home brewed Kombutcha. A delicious accumulation of local tastes curated by a team of friendly chefs, every craving and taste bud is promised to be satisfied.

It wouldn’t be island life without a cocktail in hand. The resort’s experienced bar tenders will help guests unwind that little bit more with a variety of signature classic cocktails such as Mojito, Margherita, or the daring Long Island Iced Tea.

For those seeking an extra special dinner under the stars, a private candlelit meal can be organised on the beach for couples or groups who want to enjoy the rustic experience in amongst nature. SEED Resort also offers group BBQ’s whether to celebrate a special occasion or simply to indulge after a long day out in the surf.



  • From world class length lefts and slab crushing rights, Rote Island is home to an array of remote and super solid surf breaks. We provide boat transfers and surf guides to ensure your exploration of the island is one of adventure and discovery 💙
  • Golden hour with the sound of the reef break in the distant and nothing else ✨
  • Our hideaway haven in amongst the palms, offering tranquility and serenity on the edge of the ocean 💙 📷 @victoria.akulova
  • The epitome of secluded luxury and unparalleled paradise 💙
  • Oceanview Suite providing the ultimate luxury rustic accommodation for a trip of a lifetime 💙
  • Nothing but pure paradise and the sound of reef breaking waves infront 💙
  • SE off-shore trade winds and shallow reefs curating barrel sections of dreams 💙 📷 @magicseaweed
  • Indulge in panoramic views of the horizon whilst relaxing in our fresh water infinity pool 💙
📷 @rivaldyoeina
  • Afternoons spent overlooking the ocean 💙

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