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In recent years the transport infrastructure to Rote has improved considerably. To get to here you stop over in Kupang (West-Timor).
Kupang Airport is very accessible. Garuda Indonesia and other airlines fly from Jakarta and Bali to Kupang. From Bali, the flight takes around 2 hours. Garuda charges an additional 200.000 IDR per surfboard.


Option #1 by Plane – recommended option

The flight takes approximately 20 minutes making this the quickest, most reliable route to the island. The Flight is about the same price as the boat trip (~200.000 IDR). Flying also means avoiding the transfer from Kupang airport to Kupang harbor.
Wings Air flies daily from Kupang to Rote.
Departure Kupang 16:10 hrs
Arrival Rote 16:40 hrs
Wings Air charges 100.000 IDR for each surfboard.

Option #2 by Boat

If you enjoy the sea, you can take the express boat. The trip is quite enjoyable, allowing you to take in the size and scope of the island. Traveling time is approximately 2 hours from Kupang to Rote. You can get your tickets at the boat office in the harbor. We recommend VIP-tickets: you get a numbered seat in an air-conditioned cabin.
 However: You’ll have to stay overnight in Kupang, as the ferry leaves in the morning before any connecting flights arrive! There is the added factor that with stormy conditions the boat trip may be canceled.
Departure Kupang: 8:00 hrs
 Arrival Rote: 10:00 hrs

After arriving in Rote we offer to pick up service to bring you directly to SEED Resort (additional costs).
On your way back to Kupang we suggest taking the express boat in the morning (11:30 hrs). This way you can easily get a connecting flight to Bali/Jakarta later that day. Whereas taking the plane back to Kupang you have to stay there overnight as there are no late flights out of Kupang at the moment.

If you need any assistance with your bookings just contact us. We’re more than happy to help.


  • From world class length lefts and slab crushing rights, Rote Island is home to an array of remote and super solid surf breaks. We provide boat transfers and surf guides to ensure your exploration of the island is one of adventure and discovery 💙
  • Golden hour with the sound of the reef break in the distant and nothing else ✨
  • Our hideaway haven in amongst the palms, offering tranquility and serenity on the edge of the ocean 💙 📷 @victoria.akulova
  • The epitome of secluded luxury and unparalleled paradise 💙
  • Oceanview Suite providing the ultimate luxury rustic accommodation for a trip of a lifetime 💙
  • Nothing but pure paradise and the sound of reef breaking waves infront 💙
  • SE off-shore trade winds and shallow reefs curating barrel sections of dreams 💙 📷 @magicseaweed
  • Indulge in panoramic views of the horizon whilst relaxing in our fresh water infinity pool 💙
📷 @rivaldyoeina
  • Afternoons spent overlooking the ocean 💙

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