Perfect balance of active recuperation & pure relaxation

For those seeking energetic rejuvenation, SEED is located in Nemberala – at the doorstep of Rote Islandǯs epic surf breaks, an epic dream ride for the experienced surfer. If the spiritual wave is more your style, our highly qualified staff offer yoga classes for all levels within our beautiful open-plan traditional yoga shala. Alternatively, snorkeling, stand up paddle boarding, cycling, zooming around the island on motorbike scooters, or simply strolling the exquisite beachfront, will leave you sun-kissed, salt-crusted and incredibly content.

For those seeking a pure form of relaxation, you don’t need to look any further than our spacious saltwater infinity pool and palm speckled sun deck. Immersed in pristine water, gazing upon the ocean and the daily miracle of a Rote sunset is enough to make anyone breathe deeply and feel the moment they are living. Our boutique beach resort in Rote also offers fully equipped massage facilities.And if all else fails – thereǯs always the beachfront with perfect white sand and turquoise water only a few meters from your doorstep!

At SEED you’ll sleep in stunning traditional bungalows. Breathe in the wonderful natural materials around you. Traditional Javanese wooden structures, carved by hand with intricate skills. Turn on your own personal air-conditioning if you wish, or simply leave the doors open and let the sea breeze run over you.

The SEED experience is rounded in every sense. We strive to achieve the ideal balance between eco-friendly and luxurious living – giving you that ‘off the beaten track’ feeling, with modern comforts and amenities.

  • After the night, there is always a dawn. You need just to wait for it🌅
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  • Swimming is a small life and even more🏝
  • Breakfast is the most important part of the day. So start your morning with healthy food✨
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  • No one in the world can bring you peace of mind except yourself💭
  • Healthy breakfast and pool - that is the recipe of perfect morning✨
  • 💭Peace is when needless thoughts don't bother you💭

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