Highlights from our guests: One thing they loved about Rote Island

As we begin our 2018 to prepare for a whole new season, we couldn’t help but remember our distinguished guests and how much they enjoyed their visit to Rote Island. With visitors coming from Indonesia to Australia and even Europe, it was not an easy task for them to list just one thing to love about Rote! But as we have just completed our second season and entering our third, here’s a few of our favorite comments from our guests on one thing they loved about this beautiful island!

Image by Ommariss via TripAdvisor 

“To get away to this place made me feel like I’ve escaped completely.” – TYSON L via TripAdvisor

Image by Milli M via TripAdvisor 

” Beautiful sandy beaches, friendly and very clean villages to wander through. The place has a very friendly, safe and happy vibe unlike other over crowded locations.” – CHRIS G via TripAdvisor

Image by Fformigoni via TripAdvisor

“I have been lucky to spend a week there it has been the best choice I could have done with my friends to disconnect and enjoy the beauty Rote has to offer. Amazing food, vibes and environment” – Arno G via TripAdvisor

Image via Milli M via TripAdvisor

“I can totally recommend this place to everybody, especially if you live in Jakarta and need a good place to refresh your soul.In the end, paradise is actually not that hard to get to in this case (there are daily flights from Jakarta and Denpasar to Kupang from where you can easily connect to Rote).Would definitively come back anytime. ” – Chris AUT1 via TripAdvisor

Image via Madeleine FC Morley via TripAdvisor

“This is an incredibly beautiful place to visit. Yes, Rote Island is wonderful! You get it all! the untouched pristine beaches, excellent and healthy food…” – Alia S via TripAdvisor

What was your favourite memory of Rote Island? Let us know by commenting below!

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