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Welcome to Seed resort, Rote Island

A SEED must be nurtured before it will grow. SEED Resort began with a vision of organic growth for the body and soul. Growing in a sustainable, eco-friendly and responsible sense within an untouched surf paradise. Here you will find healthy living, eating and the perfect balance of active recuperation to allow pure relaxation. It’s a mind and body reboot for the soul.



The ideal balance between eco-friendly & remote luxury living

From the moment you’re picked up by our smiling staff at Rote airport, you will feel the SEED philosophy. We pride ourselves on building quality experiences. That means a limited number of guests who are treated as family. SEED is a home to travel to, far away from home. Here, with the sound of rustling palm trees and waves in the background, you find your home within yourself.

Time to reset your mind, body & soul

Choose what you would like to experience: Surf, yoga, kayak, spa, snorkeling

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Mouro D

Wonderful place. The staff of the hotel, is the best of all. I truly suggest any one coming to Rote island to stay, there. Is is in front of a very nice beach, with clear, totally clear water. Nice swimming pool , if you’d like, in front of the water.

Kiko Tous

Amazing place. The location is privilege and ending with a breathtaking pool facing the beach. The rooms also give you the relax feeling. The staff is always smiling and ready for anything you ask. I really suggest anyone to visit the Island and staing here


I have been to Rote and to seed resort many times. Always great, chill ambience, nice design, really nice staff, nice food. It is an amazing place to be in a so remote island. We did a trip on our stay to the mangroves which was beautiful and really fun for kids. Rote is beautiful, best sunsets always and you can ride your motorbike and find unspoiled places.


My husband and I stayed at Seed for two weeks and absolutely LOVED it. It is the ideal place to go to if you are looking for a stunning place to enjoy life. The resort is tastefully decorated, the pool dreamy and the stuff extremely friendly. T-Land, a world-class surf spot, is only a short boat ride away. Also, if you are a yogi, you will be happy to know that Seed offers great daily yoga classes in its own garden shala.

Dede N

The resort was amazing, we had such a great weekend getaway. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, the beach cabin we got was awesome so cozy, beautiful view from the cabin.
The place was nice and quiet since it was low season, just as what we expected. It was only us and one family of three in the resort. Very nice to get away for busy week.

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RT 008/RW 004, Desa Oenggaut, Kec. Rote Barat, Kab. Rote Ndao, Prov. Kupang, 85982, Indonesia

+62 811 388 075


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  • After the night, there is always a dawn. You need just to wait for it🌅
  • We have different types of burgers and salads. Don’t miss the chance to taste it✨ #seedresort
  • One sunset is not like another, the colors of the sky are not the same🌅 #seedresort #sunsetbeach
  • Swimming is a small life and even more🏝
  • Breakfast is the most important part of the day. So start your morning with healthy food✨
  • @seedresort opens every door for you✨ Come to relax your body, mind and soul 🙏🏼
  • If you have absolutely no time to rest, it means that the time has come to rest🧘🏼‍♀️
  • Tourism is the best vacation, but vacation is better than tourism✨
  • Our menu surprises everyone. because it has an amazing taste and and even better view 👌🏼 Visit @seedresort to taste each dish😋😇
  • No one in the world can bring you peace of mind except yourself💭
  • Healthy breakfast and pool - that is the recipe of perfect morning✨
  • 💭Peace is when needless thoughts don't bother you💭

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