When to travel

When To travel to Rote island

Rote Island has different seasons regarding weather and tourist numbers. Rote has good waves from March until November, the biggest swell comes in between May and September when the trade winds blow offshore and the breaks pick-up the south and southwest swells coming up from Antarctica.

Dry Season (April – November)

July and august are typically the coolest months with a steady breeze blowing for most of the day. Actively exploring Rote can be less straining in these temperatures with the added advantage of cooler nights to snuggle into. Still it won’t drop below 20/25° C – no need to pack the woolies!

Shoulder Seasons (March/April & October/November)

During the shoulder seasons in March/April and October/November it is generally warmer with less wind and a less consistent swell, though less people. This low season is the perfect time to come if you want peace and quiet.

Wet season (December – March)

Heavy rains and the storms come in from the south when temperatures and humidity are at their highest.
During wet season SEED Resort is closed.

  • Surfing in crystal clear water 🏄 📷 @duartemayer
  • At SEED you’ll sleep in stunning traditional bungalows. Breathe in the wonderful natural materials around you. Traditional Javanese wooden structures, carved by hand with intricate skills. Turn on your own personal air- conditioning if you wish, or simply leave the doors open
and let the sea breeze run over you. 🌴
  • Homemade pancakes...the best way to start the day 🥞🌸
  • Happiness is... walking on the beach 🌴 🐚 .
📷 @kat_termin
  • Sunset view from the pool 🌅 🌴
📷 @fredericaian
  • SEED is a home to travel to, far away from home. Here, with the sound of rustling palm trees and waves in the background, you find your home within yourself.
  • Vegetables, fruits, and herbs are harvested from our
own vegetable patch for vegetarian, vegan and fish
dishes using local produce. Various homemade
specialties are available such as jams, yogurt, nut
creams and pastes, freshly baked bread and granola!
  • Walking along the beach & keep exploring Rote island 🌴
📷  @duswoin
  • Once upon a time in Rote island… what is your best
📷  @anngiraudo
  • The SEED experience is rounded in every sense. We strive to achieve the ideal balance between eco-friendly & luxurious living ✨
  • Golden Hours ☀️🧡
Photo by Gideon Sooai
  • Our kind of sunset beach walks 🌅😍
📷 @irvanad

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