Yoga and surfing – the perfect match

Yes, we’re serious! Many people don’t realize how complimentary these disciplines really are. Both cultivate presence at the moment, extending flow and interaction with nature. Whether on a yoga mat or a surfboard, you build physical and mental strength, stay flexible in body and mind, develop patience and focus, overcome your fears and push your own boundaries.

Rote Island – with its amazing surf breaks and untouched nature, is the ultimate location to combine both disciplines. At SEED Resort you’ll find the space and serenity to practice self-awareness and recharge your inner self.

At SEED Resort we practice yoga within a beautiful Rotenese-style open-plan yoga shala. With smooth wooden flooring and a palm-thatched roof, we perform sun salutations surrounded by rustling palm and banana trees. The yoga shala is fully equipped with all necessities such as mats, blankets, bolsters, straps and wooden bricks.

At SEED everybody can practice yoga!

The Yoga classes at SEED Resort are tailored in a way that everybody can develop at their own pace. Everybody is welcome –beginners, intermediate or advanced practitioners. We practice a strong but gentle form of Iyengar-influenced yoga, which focuses on strength and proper alignment. Within this tradition, we utilize the “asanas” (postures) to access our bodies, rather than forcing ourselves to fit into the asanas. We respect the uniqueness of every person and adapt the practice according to individual needs, in order to prevent potential injuries.

Our regular classes always adopt a different focus e.g. forward bends, backbends, standing postures or twists etc. We regularly practice breathing techniques and cultivate silence with a short meditation session in every class. The tranquil surroundings of SEED Resort are of course ideal to further develop these techniques during your stay.

Feel free – join us:

Yoga classes for all levels.
Hatha Yoga
Monday to Saturday from 9.00am to 10.30am
Vinyasa Flow
Tuesday & Thursday from 5 pm to 6.30pm
Internal guest can request a private lesson and also special hours.

Members of the Rote community come along too and
enjoy mingling with one another over a tea after practice.

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