• Paradise finally has an address

  • The very South point of Indonesia

  • An untouched surf paradise


Welcome to Seed resort, Rote Island

A SEED must be nurtured before it will grow. SEED Resort began with a vision of organic growth for the body and soul. Growing in a sustainable, eco-friendly and responsible sense within an untouched surf paradise. Here you will find healthy living, eating and the perfect balance of active recuperation to allow pure relaxation. It’s a mind and body reboot for the soul.



Our Other Bungalows

Family Bungalow with a private outdoor bathroom in a small excotic garden

Family Bungalows

Oceanview Bungalows is combination with traditional palm thatched roofing

Oceanview Bungalows


The ideal balance between eco-friendly & remote luxury living

From the moment you’re picked up by our smiling staff at Rote airport, you will feel the SEED philosophy. We pride ourselves on building quality experiences. That means a limited number of guests who are treated as family. SEED is a home to travel to, far away from home. Here, with the sound of rustling palm trees and waves in the background, you find your home within yourself.

Time to reset your mind, body & soul

Choose what you would like to experience: Surf, yoga, kayak, spa, snorkeling


Yoga & Surf, the perfect match

Space & serenity to practice self-awareness & recharge your inner self


Contact Information


RT 008/RW 004, Desa Oenggaut, Kec. Rote Barat, Kab. Rote Ndao, Prov. Kupang, 85982, Indonesia

+62 811 388 075



  • Rote has one of the world’s clearest beaches. 💙
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  • Would you like to watch the amazing sunset every evening from our pool, just like @marifloranna did? Book now: reservations@seedresort.com 🌅
#seedresort #roteisland #balisunset
  • The private garden of our Oceanview Bungalows with hammocks and an ensuite outdoor bathroom. 🌿
#seedresort #roteisland #bungalow
  • The untouched natural treasures of Rote... ✨
#seedresort #roteisland #beautyofnature
  • There’s no veggie or fruit you couldn’t get from The Rote Local Market. 🥦🍇 #seedresort #roteisland #localmarket
  • Rote has amazing surf spots to enjoy all the health benefits of surfing. 🏄🏽‍♂️ #surfbali #seedresort #rote
  • There’s nothing better than the organic, freshly harvested vegetables from our precious garden. 🍅
#seedresort #roteisland #organicgarden
  • We can take you on a boat trip to the magnificent Besilau (T-Land) waves and to explore Rote and the surroundings. ⛵️ #seedresort #roteisland #rote
  • We offer you cozy bungalows to enjoy privacy. Book now: reservations@seedresort.com. 💎
#seedresort #roteisland #oceanview
  • You only need a short walk in our garden and you’ll suddenly find your feet touched by the ocean. 🌊
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  • Healthy breakfast near the pool, with a wonderful view to the ocean. 🥥
#seedresort #roteisland #balibreakfast
  • Friday relax on the stunning white sand beaches of Rote Island. 🏝
#seedresort #roteisland #rote

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